Original price was: $500.Current price is: $450.

designed to be the simplest and lightest way to keep the rain off and the mosquitoes away. this shelter weighs only half a pound. use with a groundsheet on the inside to close off the bottom entry and to keep dry from mesh when raining. set up using a single pole (or stick) and six adjustable tie-outs.

comes with all cordage installed and mailed in a tyvek groundsheet.

** notes on current abodes for sale:

  • 18″ clearance for shelter entry (as shown in last photo)
  • preferable for someone of a smaller frame and less than 6′ tall

the abode is a tent for a very particular kind of hiker on a particular kind of hike. it is not the appropriate tent to take out if you expect a lot of bad weather or a major storm. it is also not a good choice if you plan on hanging out around at camp and need to enter and exit multiple times while set up. the abode is designed for those who are going light and fast and are willing to sacrifice comfort for the flow of the trail.

weights (approximate):

  • 0.51 DCF shelter weighs 7 oz (200g) (including cordage)
  • 0.8 DCF shelter weighs 8 oz (230g) (including cordage)
  • 3′ x 7.5′ tyvek groundsheet weighs 4.5 oz (130g)


  • 0.51 oz/yd2 CT1E.08 DCF or 0.8 oz/yd2 CT2E.08 DCF
  • 0.67 oz/yd2 noseeum mesh
  • Ultra200 and 1.43 oz/yd2 DCF reinforcements
  • lineloc3 tie-out line tensioners

tarp seams taped. netting sewn.

cord color may vary.

no stakes included.

made by john zahorian in cincinnati, ohio.


set up:

  1. stake out a front corner tie-out.
  2. stake out front corner tie-out on other side, pulling tight and then 6″ in.
  3. set pole to ~48-52″ (prefered length may vary based on desired pitch).
  4. insert pole handle into shelter peak, with the tip on the ground.
  5. stake out front tie-out.
  6. stake out back tie-out.
  7. stake out back corner tie-outs.
  8. adjust linelocs as needed to create taut pitch.
  9. enter the shelter by lifting the front mesh and crawling inside.
  10. move the pole tip onto the pole patch.
  11. lay out groundsheet.

0.51 DCF, 0.8 DCF