the yonder has a lot in common with the rené. it features a bottom entry, bottom pocket, shoulder strap pockets, velcro front pocket, and a roll-top closure. you should note that there is no frame, no hipbelt, and no sternum strap.

for ultra fabric packs, the major seams are taped for water-resistance and seam strength.

for woven / gridstop fabric packs, the major seams are flat-felled but not taped.

the early november 2023 yonders have a torso length of approximately 18″.

there will be increased availability of backpacks through this fall and winter.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


  • the torso length is measured from the bottom of the pack to the middle of each shoulder strap at its attachment to the pack. for hipbeltless packs, i personally prefer a slightly shorter torso length than my measurements would indicate for a framed pack. shoot me a message if you have any more fit customization concerns.
  • circumference: 33″ (83 cm)
  • height: 31″ (78 cm) [closed bottom to unrolled top]
  • 1700 in³ (28 L) approximate main body capacity


  • ultra200
  • hdpe gridstop
  • 420d robic nylon

additional notes:

  • the bottom entry makes it easier to locate items and reduce time spent digging through the pack. when i’m hiking by myself i typically want to sleep immediately upon reaching my campsite, so it is nice to not have to dump everything out of my pack. i usually keep my quilt, groundsheet, and pad at the bottom of my pack. in the morning i just pack my sleeping gear back up in the bottom. makes for a nice start and end of the day with a minimal amount of time futzing around with stuff.
  • a velcro flap is used for the front pocket so that everything does not fall out when the pack is upside-down (such as when accessing the bottom entry). a waterproof fabric is used for the front pocket because i often dry my socks out with the elastic cord and i tend to keep some items that i do not want getting wet in my front pocket.
  • the top strap can easily change locations from the middle of the front pocket to above the front pocket flap. when higher, there is quicker access to the front pocket (even easier access when the flap is kept tucked down into the pocket) and more length if you have more items in your pack. at the lower position, the strap keeps the items in the front pocket more secure, offers a place to quickly stow an item (like wet socks or a morning jacket), and keeps the top strap shorter so that long tail isn’t flopping around so much. the loop lock on the front pocket can also be used independently as a lashing point, in addition to the other four lashing points found on the front panel seams.
  • the shoulder strap pockets are rather slender and unobtrusive. they will not be able to fit a water bottle. i tend to put my non-huge phone in one and a few small items such as oral hygiene stuff, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent in the other.
  • made by john zahorian in cincinnati, ohio.

black ultra200, brown ultragrid, black gridstop, purple gridstop